DSH dust suppression systems are simple to install and cause little disruption to production. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate various products, loading applications, and desired flow rates.

The DSH hopper is a patented award-winning product with proven technology, greater, and worldwide availability.

Simple way to install, activate and maintain, DSH dust managing systems enhances health and protection standards for site staff, reduces the danger of dust explosions and help to save customers money. By entrapping air from product, they also increase storage volume. DSH Hoppers have also increased loading times and efficiency, allowing loading into trucks, Wagons, ships and other containers. 

Our Dust suppression hoppers are adequate solution for dust free loading of Granular and many powder materials in stockpiling, wagon loading, ship loading, Flexible loading and Truck Loading applications etc. Following are the key benefits of our system over conventional systems.

  1. Standard loading system requires no power connection
  2. Easy Installation of our Dust Suppression Hoppers
  3. Almost Dust free, Faster and Cleaner Loading
  4. increased returns, less air entrapment enables increased loads
  5. Load Direct into confined openings
  6. Cuts down maintenance cost as there are no moving parts



Before implementing system


After installation of DSH System

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We've designed some of the best dust separation hoppers to help you maintain your crops while minimising dust. We have installed successfully in Urea, Togo Rock, Sulphur, Superphosphates, Lime, Bourucca Rock, Potassium Sulphate and Potash.

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In the Food industries. DSH are a kind of Dust separation which are used extensively in the sugar mills. They are extremely useful in decreasing the dust on sugar. And we have successfully install in Sugar Refined, Sugar – Raw, Sugar – Pellets, Salt – Table, Revel A

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Grains & Stock foods

The dust reduction products are designed to surpass conventional loading equipment in terms of safety, productivity and longevity. A Dust Suppression Hopper functions as a grain loading spout that is easily installed beneath a feed point. The Dust Suppression Hopper removes air from the product and speeds up loading times as it fills. Our Installation- Wheat, Sunflower, Soya, Maize & Corn etc.


Minerals & Quarry

Activities within the minerals & quarrying sector involving the stockpiling or loading of free flowing bulk materials into trucks or trains normally results in the creation of dust as it travels within the process and into its loading destination. And we have successfully install in Sodium Sulphite, Soda Ash, Silica – Sand, Sands – Various, Limestone – Sand & Charcoal – Granulated etc.

DSH SYSTEMS Hopper (Before/After)